I know this is a long video. My “things to do” list includes watching this and writing down at what time I start prepping each vegetable. Then I can transcribe on here what time you can advance to for each vegetable. That way if you only want to know how to slice an avocado you’ll be able to fast forward to that part of the video.

A friend once asked me to teach him to cook. He’s a smart guy with lots of letters behind his name. I thought I’d show him how to do lentils in the crockpot. He’d chop an onion, crush some garlic, measure some dry ingredients, and we’d be done. Except he’d never cut an onion before.

I was about 2 years into my journey towards teaching people to use cast iron cookware. The experience with my friend made me realize a lot of people may not have experience cutting produce and would like to see how one cook muddles through it. So in this video I show you how to cut various vegetables (and a mango.)

I’m not an expert cutter. I can chop veggies well enough to make dinner each night. If I can wing it, so can you. Just see how I do it and give it a try.

In the video I make reference to bamboo. It is an amazing plant with so much potential to replace tree lumber in a more cost-effective, sustainable way. If you’re in Tucson, check out the Bamboo Ranch. Here is a website dedicated to bamboo construction. There is even documentation for bamboo in the ICC building codes.

For the links about mushrooms, you can see this article by Andy Weil or this one by the USDA.

This is not the model I have. I have an actual Saladmaster that I bought off ebay. However, the reviews on this product are very good.

I bought my knives at a thrift store. I cannot recommend any particular knives.

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