We went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum tonight. It’s basically a zoo, but a not so bad one. I think their large animals were usually wild orphans that would have died if they hadn’t provided them with a home. That’s true of the mountain lion who was found as cub and brought here and raised. We try and go there as many Saturday nights as we can in June, July, and August. You never know which of your friends you might run into. We don’t go to the museum during the day as much as we did before we moved out here. It’s sort of pointless as its someplace to wander through gorgeous desert and we have that right outside our front door. And back door. And we can see it through all our window views.

There was a tarantula crossing the path tonight. A male in search of a mate. A crowd of people had stopped to watch him get safely across the path. It occurred to me that we haven’t had a single tarantula in our house this year. I’m wondering if we finally got the barrier at the bottom of the porch door low enough.

One year the kids told me there was a tarantula on the living room ceiling. I told them they must be mistaken. However, I believe in listening to your kids so I went to see what they saw. I don’t know why I assumed tarantulas can’t climb. Needless to say I had to catch it and take it out to the desert. (Which means I took it down the driveway to the bottom of the hill.)

Another time one was near the door into the garage. It’s glass and when I tried to catch it with a box it climbed the glass. I was impressed.

Of course, there was the time I was coming down the hall and was greeted by a tarantula coming towards me. That freaked me out. Not the tarantula, but the fact that it’s a dark hall and if I hadn’t turned on the light I could have stepped on it. I now always turn on the light when I walk down the hall, even when it’s not tarantula mating season. I always wonder what I just might step on if I don’t see it.

Boy, I love living out here. Snakes and tarantulas and coyotes. I’m not keen on the scorpions in the living room, but I’ve only seen a couple this year. They seem to like to hide underneath my roomba.


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