I rarely say what level of heat to use in the stovetop recipes. When I first started this book I had a beautiful 1930s stove with the original timer and light with pull-down on/off chain. I loved cooking on that stove and wrote down exact minutes of cooking based on low, medium, and high cooking. Then we moved to an all-electric house in the mountains outside the city proper. The first few times I cooked I nearly burnt my food. The electric stove was so much hotter. Then when we bought our glass-top stove from craigslist. I really like it, but I don’t know how old it is. I found that I need to be at a “3” on one burner but a “7” on another burner to cook at the same heat. So, when you cook, use enough heat to make cooking happen, but not enough to burn your food. (Sorry I can’t be more scientific in my description, but each stove is just so different.)

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