Job Title: Back-up Harmony to Coyotes 2/Professional Chewer of anything left lying around.


Where Sofie┬áCame From: (This is the same as Annie’s story.)

One of the challenges of living in the wilderness is you have to deal with what other people discard out here. Lots of couches, carpets, and dogs get dumped amongst the cactus. I have rescued a number of dogs and was lucky to have the support of rescue groups that found homes for most of the dogs.

Annie and Sofie were abandoned out here along with a puppy. They would not come to me so I needed to get a trap. Although I was leaving out food and water for the three dogs while I was trying to arrange to trap them, the puppy disappeared. I can only assume it got eaten.

Once we trapped Annie and Sofie, a new, challenging chapter began. They had clearly never been handled. They must have been kept in someone’s yard then dumped when the people got tired of feeding them.

It took months for them to come to trust me and let me touch them, even though I slept outside with them to let them learn to trust me. First I touched Annie. Once Sofie saw that she eventually accepted my touch as well. Slowly they have come to let my husband and the kids touch them. They are no longer skiddish at every loud noise. As long as there are no other people in the house they seem like normal dogs. Annie usually has a big grin and loves playing with Firetruck. Sofie is more aloof, but at night she nudges me with her nose while I’m typing on the computer and everyone else is sleeping.

We have been trying to find homes for them for almost a year. Given all they’ve been through together I’d like to find them a home together. However, they are so afraid of other people that it will take a special person to spend the time building their trust. I had one woman who wanted to adopt Annie. She faithfully came by with five hamburger patties for Annie over and over. Our schedules conflicted so we could only get together once a week or so. Finally we both accepted that the school year was about to begin and she had to return to her teaching job. Annie still growled whenever she saw her and once school started this teacher would not have the time to gain Annie’s trust so she could adopt her.

So we have six dogs. Two more than we’d like. It’s a bit much sometimes. But there are no alternatives. Any other option would probably result in these two sweet dogs being euthenized because they’re fearful of others.


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