Little did I know that most cooking oils can be bad for you. Bottom line is you want oils with similar amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6, rich in monounsaturated fats (like olive oil is,) low in polyunsaturated fats, and preferably pressed rather than chemically refined. Also, if an individual oil’s smoke or heat point is exceeded the oil can potentially become harmful.

At this point, most people have probably heard that olive oil is a good, healthy oil. However, because of its low smoke point it is best used for non-cooking purposes. Since almost all oil I use is for cooking I do not keep olive oil in my house. Instead I use these oils that are amongst the healthiest with the highest smoke points:

The flavor isn’t very strong so I use it for most frying and sautéing I do. It is my go to oil for non-dessert items. I think it makes my potato tacos tastier than the ones you order in restaurants.

Unless I’m mixing it with chocolate, I do not like the taste unrefined coconut oil gives to food. However, refined coconut oil does not have a coconut taste. I use pressed coconut oil as it does not contain chemicals. Chemically refined oil can contain hexane, which in sufficient amounts can cause neurological problems.

In cooler weather coconut oil is hard at room temperature which means it needs to be melted when mixing it in recipes. (It can be melted in the microwave, in a small dutch oven on a low stove, on a stainless steel plate in a pre-heating oven, or in a closed jar that has been set in a pot of hot water.) This added step can be inconvenient at times so I will often default to macadamia oil to avoid the problem of the oil hardening before the recipe is completed. However, the fact that it returns to a solid state when cooled down makes it an ideal ingredient in frostings, candy, or vegan whipped cream.

This is my go to oil for desserts. It is in a liquid state at room temperature so is easier to use than coconut oil. It can impart a strong flavor. However, I never noticed that until I tried using it to make vegan ice cream (it was AWFUL.) In most baked goods it works just fine. This can be expensive to buy in stores so I usually order it online.

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