Cutting boards (prefer bamboo. For cutting or for setting hot cast iron on.)
Kitchen scissors
Stainless steel measuring spoons
Stainless steel measuring cups
Glass measuring cups (various sizes including one that measures teaspoons)
Garlic Press
Vegetable peeler (a bit more expensive model is totally worth it.)
Bowl scraping spatulas, made from silicone (standard size and small)
Wooden spoons and spatulas
Metal pancake turner spatula
Slotted spoon (for removing veggies from broth)
Baking Cooling racks (2 is good, I have 4 for when I’m making lots of cookies and such)
Cooling rack stand (stacks 4 cooling racks vertically. Totally decadent item)
Manual deli slicer (for making crackers)
Saladmaster stainless steel, manual Food Processor (hand grates potatoes and carrots really fast. Totally decadent item)
Tortilla press (for corn tortillas. Mine is cast iron, though they sell aluminum ones as well)
Stainless steel pots for boiling
Stainless steel pizza pans used as serving trays
Cookie sheets with silicone sheets (for freezing)
Ice cube trays (I’ve got about a dozen)
Freezer containers (I mainly use glass jars but use some resealable bags)
Spoon rest
Mixing bowls (stainless steel and glass)
Stainless steel funnels (assorted sizes and widths)
Rolling pin (marble)
Mandolin (for slicing vegetables, not essential, but makes life easier)
Potato Ricer (for making hash browns)
Dough scoops (1 and 1.5 tablespoon sizes)
Pizza slicer (not essential)
Stainless steel spoons for serving
Citrus squeezer, stainless steel (for squeezing juice out of fresh lemons)
Nutmilk bags for straining (I use them inside out so the seems are on the outside. It makes emptying and cleaning the bag easier.)
Chainmail cleaner (for cast iron)
Scrub brush (for cleaning cast iron)

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