As I have stated, I was scared by cast iron cookware. I have talked with many others who have felt the same way. Once I gained confidence in using cast iron, I told a friend on Facebook what I thought was some pretty basic information on how to use cast iron. Someone responded, “I am so intimidated.” So I will start simple. Here is how you use and care for cast iron cookware:

  1. Buy a new piece of cast iron. Rinse it. Dry it. Cover it with a thin coat of oil. Bake it. Repeat a few times.

You’ve just learned how to season cast iron.

  1. Cook with it. Maybe use a little bit of oil to start with. Use metal, bamboo, or wood cooking utensils, add some spices to your ingredients, then serve it up.

Now you’ve learned how to cook with it.

  1. Wash it with water. Dry it. Apply a thin coat of oil. Put it in the cupboard.

You’re done. You are an expert in using cast iron cookware. It’s that easy.

If you want more information  check out the detailed pages listed on the menu. But don’t get lost in the details. If they seem overwhelming just come on back here and remember it’s just three easy steps.

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