I made my Tried and True Broth for a couple years, then I was trying to copy a soup my friend Ian had made. He couldn’t remember exactly how he made it so I wasn’t able to recreate it. However, on the way to that soup I made this broth. This one has a lighter taste than my Tried and True Broth. It is also cheaper to make.

I use the cooked vegetables to make a puree. That puree can be used as a flavoring to replace bouillon or it can be reconstituted to make a cloudy vegetable broth.

3 Tbsp Avocado Oil
2 cups (1 large) Yellow Onion, sliced, chopped, or diced
6 cloves Garlic, crushed
1 pound Carrots, thinly sliced or grated
1 bunch Celery, thinly sliced
3 cups fresh or frozen Peas
3 Tomatoes,* chopped or diced (I use Roma or an equivalent amount of Cherry or Grape Tomatoes)
16 cups Water (possibly less in a 7 quart dutch oven)
1 Tbsp Salt or to taste

Put all ingredients in a 9 quart or 7 quart dutch oven and cook on low for an hour or two. At first the onion and garlic tastes will be strong. With cooking they will not be so noticeable.

Allow to cool then strain the vegetables into another container. I use a slotted spoon to remove the vegetables and put them in a colander over a pan. I collect the broth from the pan and add back into the broth.

Freeze the broth in ice cube trays. When frozen, remove the cubes and place in freezer containers for future use. Alternatively freeze in larger freezer containers making sure not to fill the container (to allow for expansion during freezing.) I usually freeze 5 cups in one container to use for tortilla soup.

If you don’t have a large dutch oven, you can make a half batch in a 12” skillet or 4 qt dutch oven.


Place vegetables in blender and add just enough water to make a paste. Blend until smooth. Freeze in ice cube trays. For long-term storage removed from trays and place in freezer containers. You can later reconstitute to make a cloudy vegetable broth.

*If I have extra tomatoes that I will not be able to use, I put them in freezer containers then freeze so I can use them in this recipe at a later time.

I usually buy my salt locally and have not tried this brand. However, it is highly reviewed.

My Favorite Vegetable Broth

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