We were having trouble figuring out dinner one night and my 9 year old asked if we could have sushi made from seaweed snacks. I said we could try. I made some quinoa and a new, simple family dinner was born.


Seaweed Snacks or Nori Sheets
Cooked Quinoa

Salty Portabella Strips
Avocado, sliced
Your favorite vegetable
Slices of hardboiled or scrambled Egg


Lay a slice of seaweed snack on the counter or a plate. Put a small amount of quinoa on one edge of the seaweed. Add other fillings. Do not overfill. Roll the seaweed so that it becomes cylinder shaped.


The ingredients label is posted on the amazon page:

I have not used this brand. It is highly rated and has a subscribe and save option.


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