Early in the development of this project I bought a kitchen scale. I’d never had one before and didn’t realize it would be one of my most used kitchen tools. It is more accurate to weigh dry ingredients than measure them. You will get different amounts of the same ingredient depending on how fluffed up it is if you measure it. However, if you weigh it you get the exact amount you need.

Being the inconsistent human that I am, I find I always weigh almond flour (4 ounces per cup) and I always weigh the tapioca when I am making my bread balls. Beyond that I don’t usually weigh other flours, though you may find it beneficial to try doing so. Even if it’s not that much more accurate, I do find it is less messy to weigh rather than measure.

I also measure frozen broth to know I’m getting the right amount. Although a chemist might tell you my broth has a different density than water, I assume my broth weighs 8 ounces per cup.

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