Job Title: Nanny, Retired


Where Marta Came From:

We adopted Marta from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She’d been a stray and that’s all we know. As a young dog, Marta loved children. We’d go for a walk and see a toddler down the block and Marta was insistent we go see the toddler. We joke the reason we had a baby was because our dog wanted one.

Marta was ever so loving with our babies and toddlers. They could manhandle her as much as they desire with no fear of retribution. As the kids became preschoolers they would run through the house chasing Marta, or being chased by her. Their giggles and shrieks were our nightly entertainment.

We think Marta might be a border collie-husky mix. When we lived in town she was always getting out and disappearing. We could never find her, but she’d always come home. She just loved roaming. One time she got into the dark coffee beans. A border collie on caffeine? Any stories you may have heard are true. She paced through the house for hours.

Marta loved moving to the desert and getting the chance to explore as much as she wanted. There is the downside of all the cactus that caught in her glorious tail, but she doesn’t sem to mind. And there was the time her snout ended up looking like hamburger. The biopsy said it was an insect sting. (We were relieved it wasn’t something autoimmune.) Marta’s starting to show signs of aging now. She doesn’t wander off on her own any more. She licks her lips. She mainly wants to lay in our bedroom on her bed or the cool tile floor. But when the temperature is under 90 she’ll still run around outside with the other dogs and she’s always up for a walk when the 10 of us (4 people and 6 dogs) go visit the next door neighbors a half a mile up the hill.


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