I am cautious in the items I purchase for my home and my family’s use. If I’m going to spend money I want to buy something that is of good quality and will last for a long time. I read the reviews of most items and base many of my buying choices on the experiences of other shoppers. One of my friends calls me before she makes most purchases to see what brand and model I bought. Awhile back she wanted a vegetable peeler. She didn’t want me to tell her about mine, she just wanted to order the one I had ordered. It’s a few months later and she says she’s quite happy with it.

Most of the items in my amazon store or linked on my pages are items I have used and can recommend. If I buy items locally or if I bought them from amazon and they are no longer available, I sometimes list a comparable item that is well reviewed. If you think an item might be available locally, you might want to verify the price. If you’re like me, it may be more convenient to just order the item from amazon than to try and save a few pennies by driving across town to get it.

As a full-disclosure I want you to know that if you purchase any of these items using my link, I will get a small commission. I am hoping enough folks will do this so I can add to the household budget. Your purchase price will not be affected if you order it through me. For you it will seem like a typical amazon purchase. However, once you place an item in your cart from my page, there is a limited time that I will get credit for it. After that time is up amazon keeps the commission I would have earned.

I hope you enjoy the products I have linked here as much as I have. A good kitchen tool is a pleasure to use.