I used to waste so much fresh produce. I’d buy it with a recipe in mind and then life would get in the way and the produce would start to go bad. So I started buying frozen veggies. Then I felt like a bad mom. It seemed a good mom would only use the freshest foods for her growing children. Then I found out that frozen vegetables tend to be healthier. They are picked at their peak ripeness and immediately flash frozen. Fresh produce is often transported thousands of miles so needs to be picked before it ripens so it is artificially ripened during transport. It usually doesn’t attain its full nutritional potential. For my family’s tastes, these are the frozen veggies I usually stock:

Commercially Packaged: Artichokes, Broccoli, Corn, Spinach, Peas
Foods I Process and Freeze: Diced or Sliced Red Peppers, Grape/Cherry Tomatoes or Roma Tomatoes, and Diced Onions (freeze in glass jars so the odor doesn’t permeate your freezer.)
I tried frozen Brussels sprouts but they were disgusting.

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