Rolled enchiladas are a rolled corn tortilla with some sort of filling inside covered in enchilada sauce. I make flat enchiladas to save the rolling step. If you’ve got enchilada sauce available, these are a fast, easy dinner.


Corn Tortilla or Quinoa
Over easy Egg
Refried Beans
Enchilada Sauce

Topping Suggestions:
Avocado, sliced or cubed
Black Olives
Green Chilies
Tomatoes, diced
Mango, diced

Set the tortilla or quinoa on a plate. Add an egg and/or refried beans. Smother in enchilada sauce. Add favorite toppings.


Flat Enchiladas

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2 thoughts on “Flat Enchiladas

  1. I’ve made this several times now and LOVE it! Its perfect for after a long day and when you just don’t feel like cooking. Super fast and easy. It was tempting to eat this like a taco, but a knife and fork kept more in my mouth and less on my shirt 🙂

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