For those of you who don’t live in the Southwest, this is what we all wait for every summer. Until you’ve smelled the creosote (the smell of rain) or had lightning strike right out your window, you don’t know what

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Allie Gets Bit by a Snake

allie thumbprint

Rattlesnakes and dogs are a dangerous combination. Here our son documents some of Allie’s experiences with snakes. Also, please note. Allie was fairly new to us and still skittish about new things when she went through snake avoidance training. The

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We went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum tonight. It’s basically a zoo, but a not so bad one. I think their large animals were usually wild orphans that would have died if they hadn’t provided them with a home.

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Allie Bikes Again


Once again Allie went on a 12 mile ride. Well, the people road 12 miles. She went much further. When the people would stop to rest, she’d chase after bunnies or lizards. She was interested in the deer, but left

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