Coconut Butter


Coconut Butter is essential for making many dairy-free dishes creamy.  It is also expensive often costing $12 for a 16 ounce jar. You can make it for about $4 to $5 worth of shredded coconut. Most sources I’ve seen use

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For those of you who don’t live in the Southwest, this is what we all wait for every summer. Until you’ve smelled the creosote (the smell of rain) or had lightning strike right out your window, you don’t know what

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Allie Gets Bit by a Snake

allie thumbprint

Rattlesnakes and dogs are a dangerous combination. Here our son documents some of Allie’s experiences with snakes. Also, please note. Allie was fairly new to us and still skittish about new things when she went through snake avoidance training. The

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We eat quinoa in place of rice. It is a complete protein and goes great with vegetables, sauces, and soups. Depending on what we’re having for dinner I will make 3/4 to 1 cup of dry quinoa for our family

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Popcorn Balls

P1050114 shopped jpeg

My friend Amanda taught me how to make these. We really like them and they’re popular when we take them to parties. Thank you Amanda for introducing cane sugar/corn syrup free caramel corn to our family. INGREDIENTS: 7 Tbsp popcorn

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Over-Easy Egg


Because we have our own hens, we get to eat sumptuous eggs almost any time we want. If the weather is extremely hot or cold the older hens don’t lay so well so every now and then our egg supply

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We went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum tonight. It’s basically a zoo, but a not so bad one. I think their large animals were usually wild orphans that would have died if they hadn’t provided them with a home.

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2013 07 pam2

Job Titles: Chief Cook and Cast Iron Washer. Head of Recipe Research and Development. (Along with all support positions in Recipe R&D.) Videographer, Editor, Website Designer and Developer. Animal Caretaker, Housekeeper, Grocery Aquisition, Chauffer, Band-aid Applier.

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Job Title: Nanny, Retired   Where Marta Came From: We adopted Marta from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She’d been a stray and that’s all we know. As a young dog, Marta loved children. We’d go for a walk

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Job Title: Chief Lap Warmer and Cat Imitator   Where Harvey Came From: Harvey was found as a stray by the local dog pound. He was placed on the euthenasia list because he had cherry eyes (essentially styes in his

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Job Title: Chief Adventure Dog/Chief of Snake Deterence Squad   Where Allie Came From: Allie was adopted from the Humane Society of the White Mountains. She was brought in as a stray (ironically on the same day that we moved

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Job Title: Shadow Dog   Where Firetruck Came From: Firetruck was rescued from another county’s pound. She had been brought in as a stray. I was looking for a youthful playmate for Allie and saw Firetruck’s photo. They were almost

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Job Title: Back-up Harmony to Coyotes 2/Professional Chewer of anything left lying around.   Where Sofie Came From: (This is the same as Annie’s story.) One of the challenges of living in the wilderness is you have to deal with what

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Job Title: Backup Harmony to Coyotes 1/ Chicken Herder in Training. Where Annie Came From: (This is the same as Sofie’s story.) One of the challenges of living in the wilderness is you have to deal with what other people

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Barn Cats

KindKitty, GratefulKitty, Patience, and Integrity Job Title: Mouse brigade Job Description: Through mutual respect and negotiations the Mouse Brigade will encourage the local rodent population to refrain from eating the chicken feed.

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My griddle is frequently used for scrambled or over easy eggs. It also makes pancakes, mung bean tortillas, corn tortillas, and crepes. Although you could use a skillet instead, the lack of sides makes it much easier for flipping thin

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Allie Bikes Again


Once again Allie went on a 12 mile ride. Well, the people road 12 miles. She went much further. When the people would stop to rest, she’d chase after bunnies or lizards. She was interested in the deer, but left

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We were having trouble figuring out dinner one night and my 9 year old asked if we could have sushi made from seaweed snacks. I said we could try. I made some quinoa and a new, simple family dinner was

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Corn Tortillas


Homemade corn tortillas taste different than store bought tortillas. Lighter, actually less of a corn taste. And I think they’re much more filling. The one downside to them is they are so much tastier than store bought that I can’t

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Flat Enchiladas


Rolled enchiladas are a rolled corn tortilla with some sort of filling inside covered in enchilada sauce. I make flat enchiladas to save the rolling step. If you’ve got enchilada sauce available, these are a fast, easy dinner. INGREDIENTS: Corn

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