Yes, this cake was baked in cast iron loaf pans. It’s the first time I was able to make a white frosting that I could decorate the cake with. I improvised with the frosting when it was failing so it’s not perfected yet. Once it’s perfected I’ll be sharing the recipe. I’m posting this right now as I’m so pleased by how it turned out.

However, if you want to give it a try the frosting was made with 2 cups coconut cream (the thick part of canned coconut milk. Trader Joe’s brand you probably only need two cans. Thai Kitchen brand might take 4 cans or so. I wouldn’t use other brands as I don’t know of any that get that thick.) That’s mixed with 3/4 cup coconut butter (without the oil. I skimmed it off.) And I made my own powdered sugar out of beet sugar. (I don’t like using beet sugar since it’s gmo, but we can’t use cane sugar and I was afraid honey would make this too drippy.) I used about 6 ounces of beet sugar. I put it in a coffee grinder. The frosting and the frosted cake do need to be refrigerated. However, it was thick enough that I could put it in a piping bag to make the windows and ladder. For the wheels I used Trader Joe’s Chocolate Honey Mints.

The cake was from Elana’s Pantry. I made 1 1/2 batches (using one pound of clementines.) I used a silicone sheet without fiberglass to line the loaf pans, but you could line with parchment paper. I made four cake “loaves.” (I had an extra in case disaster fell upon the cake, but it didn’t. No problem having extra of this cake.)

The design idea came from Betty Crocker.

Sorry I couldn’t video or get more photos of the process. It was all a flurry of “will it work?” and adding cameras would not have increased the Zen attitude of my kitchen.


A Desert Birthday Cake (aka a Firetruck Cake)

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