I wish our house was dairy-free. Although we’ve greatly reduced the amount of dairy in our house, to my disgruntlement our house is not dairy-free. Not everyone here agrees that is a desirable goal (I’m not pointing any fingers. Besides, it’s kind of hard to do point fingers when I often fall to the temptation of putting parmesan on my pasta.) I respect that different people make different choices for different reasons. Just like I accept that one person in our household will sometimes order meat when we eat out. (Though I do enjoy that our children can’t understand why he does that.)

Every dish I cook at home is tasty without any dairy. About the only dairy in our house is parmesan to sprinkle on dishes and mozzarella and cheddar for pizza and quesadillas. And ice cream. Although I prefer my vegan ice cream to store bought ice cream, I do enjoy eating ice cream with chocolate pieces and caramel that someone else made. I must admit, sometimes it is nice to let someone else make the ice cream.

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