The lid of the 7 quart Dutch Oven fits the 12″ skillet. So when I saw this Dutch Oven advertised on craigslist for the same price as buying just the lid new, I was interested. It is the only used piece of cast iron I’ve bought. It had been used for one holiday weekend and the squeamish vegetarian in me ignored that it had probably been used for turkey gravy. What was one use compared to the lifetime I would have it.

For a long time this was my soup pot (until I bought a 4 quart Dutch Oven.) Recently I accidentally grabbed it instead of my 9 quart oven to make broth and it was big enough to make a complete batch. Given that it’ costs significatly less than a 9 quart oven, if you have a small kitchen with limited storage space or if you are on a budget and can only afford one Dutch Oven, you might want to consider this one. You’ll be able to make a full batch of veggie broth as well as assorted soups, sauces, and other tasty treats.


7 quart Dutch Oven

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